Hello, hello! I’m Catie.

I learned to be a peacemaker at a young age. That said, I don’t gloss over hard truths. I’d rather address them head-on, so that I can explore and better understand the full picture. While I’ve put out a lot of fires, I’ve yet to encounter a project or team dynamic that couldn’t be rescued. I work hard to learn about and understand my team. Who they are, how they work, and how together, we can pull together a project we’re proud of.

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Things that make me the happiest:

My people are my priority in life. I pour a lot into cultivating relationships and making sure my loved ones feel the love.

Exploring new places, people and foods is probably my favorite pastime. I seek out any opportunity to travel — 17 countries so far! I love talking to strangers and gaining new perspectives. In fact, I’m connected with several folks I’ve met on planes as well as previous Lyft drivers on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We’ve had great conversations about our lives.

Animals make my heart happy — especially dogs and goats. Their innocence and simple outlook remind me to slow down and soak up life’s little moments.
Fun fact: for at least three of my birthday parties, I’ve had a petting zoo. The last one was a surprise for my 26th birthday and is the best present I’ll ever receive.

Cheese has always been one of my main food groups, but a six-month stint in France spurred a whole new appreciation for it. In retirement, I plan to work at a wine bar and become a wine and cheese connoisseur.

Let’s chat

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