Small Farming & The Craft of Goat Cheesemaking

Assignment: Immerse yourself in a subculture and create a mini documentary on it


I chose to focus on small farming and the craft of goat cheesemaking because A) goats and B) cheese (both of which I adore). The two dairies featured in this film are both small, working farms who produce small-batch, artisanal goat cheese. Because of that, these people lead a very different lifestyle and face very different challenges from that of a large-scale dairy.

Farms featured

Caromont Farm

Owner and cheesemaker Gail Hobbs Page has been making and selling award-winning cheese since 2007. Caromont cheeses can be found at local restaurants and farmers’ markets. Additionally, the farm hosts seasonal dinners, baby goat snuggle sessions, culinary and artisan cheesemaking workshops.

Clover Top Creamery

Run by Hillary (mother), Madison (daughter) and Sasha (daughter-in-law), Clover Top is very much a family affair. Together, they began making and selling cheese in March 2018. They currently sell their cheese on-site and at local farmers’ markets.



Delicious cheese doesn’t make itself —
it takes a vast amount of knowledge, experimentation and patience.


The importance of asking for and listening to each other’s stories.


As Gail puts it, the goats are equalizers. They don’t know if someone’s rich or poor, nor do they care. They just love.

Le film


Researched, interviewed, filmed and edited by me.

BIG thank you to Gail, Izzy, Sasha and Hillary for sharing your stories with me, and to the goats for just being themselves!

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