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Camp rabbit hill

Freelance project: Working with stakeholders to build a brand strategy for a start-up oyster company


My dear friend Sarah and her husband Eric are starting an oyster farm in memory of her dad. It has been a privilege of mine to help them brand it and watch them build it.

Business goals


Create a brand that transcends trend and sparks a lifelong consumer interest in oysters.


Become a positive force in the farm-raised oyster category by challenging the status quo.


Prove to an industry full of generational farmers that our brand, though young, is born with integrity.

Brand strategy


Help people rediscover oysters.
Promote a lifestyle of appreciation for the world around us.

We’ll do this by celebrating good times, the planet, and other companies — even outside of the oyster industry — that align with this thinking.


Inspire people to think differently about oysters and their positive effect on the natural environment.

We believe that eating an oyster is a small yet impactful choice. Not only are you giving your body something nutritious, you’re creating a ripple effect in your local environment. By choosing oysters, you’re enabling these mighty mollusks to clean entire bodies of water. You’re protecting shorelines from erosion and providing habitat for other sea life. All of that sits on the half shell in your hand.


Reimagine how people experience oysters.

We’ll do this by innovating ways to market and changing the context associated with oysters.



We’re passionate about oysters not only as delicious food, but as agents of change — economically, environmentally and ecologically. We’re also passionate about bringing people together over oysters — whether that’s a corporate training or retreat, taking inner city students out on the water, a farm-to-table dinner, a fundraising regatta, or even just sharing oysters over a beer. We want to not only lead industry conversation, but serve as the hub where the action is taking place.

Warm & playful

We’re a social company that places an emphasis on getting together and having fun. We want to evoke the feeling you have while running around barefoot, being warmed by the sun or sharing good food with friends. We want to remind you of your best and warmest memories of summers past.


We prioritize not disrupting other ecosystems in order to grow our oysters. We hold ourselves to high standards, not only in our practices and quality control, but also in how we represent the industry as a whole.


The company

Camp Rabbit Hill
Oyster Co.

The name comes from what Sarah’s parents, John and Petie, called their home — Rabbit Hill. Before Sarah was born, they’d host their friends and families to enjoy being by the water together. Their friends jokingly referred to the spot as Camp Matheson or Camp Rabbit Hill. Sarah and her husband hope to follow her parents’ lead and evoke this same sense of community, friendship and summertime through the oyster company.

The oysters

Mobjack Moons

When we first began exploring names for the oyster, we wanted to steer clear of an industry naming convention. Many oysters are named after the geographical location in which they’re raised. But after some testing, we realized that a location-oriented name actually gives our oyster credibility. That’s because, much like wine and cheese, oysters reflect the flavors of the area they come from. This is referred to as ‘merroir’ (after the French ‘terroir’). Our oyster will be raised on the Ware River, near the mouth of the Mobjack Bay — an ideal spot for farming oysters. So we decided to own it.


Competitive audit
Internal stakeholder interviews
Perception map
Naming ideation and testing
Writing and rewriting and rewriting again

Visual identity


Go team

Sarah Matheson Harris, strategist & company owner
Catie Frech, strategist
Brit Kern, experience designer

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